OODNET was formed in the bleak midwinter of 2014. Actually, that's a lie.
    It might bave been 2015, my memory is hazy. At first it was just a private
    channel that I would use to communicate with various acquaintances.

    Slowly but surely, others joined. Now oodnet is a small community of
    (not even remotely) like-minded people. So come on down to oodnet town,
    where every day is a flame war party.

    topic: gamedev programming tech homebrew
    voip:  mumble.oods.net:64738
    chat:  libera / ##oodnet

    o7 freenode, RIP

    "The OODNET Emporium"
    Killing Floor 1 HoE  |  kf.oods.net:7707
    Killing Floor 1 HoE+ |  kf.oods.net:7807
    Killing Floor 2 HoE  |  kf.oods.net:7777


    we're also on discord
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