OODJAM is a monthly unthemed non-competitive game jam starting at
    6PM UTC on the fourth Friday of every month and ending at 6PM UTC
    the following Monday.

    Entries are submitted to oodle on the IRC channel (##oodnet / freenode)
    by using the .submit command.
    -Jam Entries-

    Dungeons of OOD World by rovi
    Catbot Adventures by rovi
    \"\" by aerx
    escape, I guess by frozii
    OODJAM 1 Easter Egg \"cat eggs\" by rovi
    My submission is the jam itself by exezin
    \"Tone of Life\" by MasterGeek_
    weird_pong by rovi
    ehhhh by rovi

    -Screenshot Saturday-

    uhhuhuhuuh by rovi
    biiiiiiig by exezin
    boneitis by exezin
    gameplay! by rovi
    FH+CLOVE by murii
    new enemy graphics by rovi
    music test by rovi
    transitionlol by rovi
    rockets______ by rovi
    bullets!!! by rovi
    mecha1 by rovi
    game by frozii
    CLove_Early_FH_work by murii
    wip by aerx
    first by exezin